Huge thanks for EP Release!

Okay now that the snow has fallen and it’s all muffled and cozy....can I reminisce a little bit about Wednesday night? Or a lot? Or, better yet, can we just do it all over again? 😭 This was the best, you guys. THANK YOU so much for making this night 100000x better than I could’ve ever dreamed. I love every single person who was in that room — I love you for driving more than two hours on back roads and highways to get to the show, I love you for lifting us up with your energy, I love you for staying till the last moment of the last song to say farewell. I am so, so grateful for everyone’s support and joy and sustaining belief. You made the night for us. You made my year, honestly, validating all the work and erasing the doubt.

The most special thanks to the music makers of the night - to Laurel for opening everyone’s hearts and ears before our set, to Nan Macmillan for bringing the close harmonies that only family ties can make, to Pat Markley for holding down the thickest bass since our days at Harwood, to Russ Lawton for being the most dependable and passionate drummer I’ve ever met, and to Steve Simollardes for bringing the tastiest licks at every damn gig for the past year. (And dad! Go Johnny go!)

I could barely sleep when I went home because our music kept me so fucking buzzed. I’m still so excited. THANK YOU. To Artsriot for your impeccable communication and support and for being best GD venue in Vermont. To Dan Kruglak for the greatest live mix ever, the kind that immediately makes you a stronger musician, to Meadowlark Studios for making this whole EP possible, and to Advance Music and The Point for that fateful night one year ago. & to Carr and Beal for holding down the merch table and to KTP for holding down the shutter release button 📷 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 💚 

Sarah ReidComment