The EP's Coming!

Hello hello to the world out there!

I have a lot of really exciting updates for you (and me too). First and foremost, it looks like my EP is really truly coming together. It's super exciting. Although it's only 5 songs, this project means a LOT. It's taken almost a year to record, bits and pieces gently added week after week at Meadowlark Studios in Williston (huge thank you). Songs have come together in ways that I would have never expected and that stoke my creative flames big time.

This has been something I've been working on for 12 years. Twelve years, you say. Preposterous! And yes, obviously I haven't been working on this one project directly for 12 years. But it's all been leading up to this: the hundreds of songs I've written and left behind, scrawling them with pencil into tiny notebooks or with permanent marker on huge scrolls of freezer paper taped to my college dorm room walls, humming them into the Voice Memos app while walking down busy sidewalks or in the middle of the night*, playing them for a dancing group of drunken strangers or for my loved ones for the first time.

 And I'm scared! And excited, obviously, more excited than scared because otherwise I would NOT be making this thing. Or releasing it on all platforms and in a real live show with other musicians. Which is exactly what I am doing on November 14th at 8pm (doors) at my favorite venue in town, Artsriot. I'll have a full, epic band (first time for everything), an opener, a top-notch bar, a really sweet outfit that I have yet to procure, a long set of tasty tunes, AND all my friends and family and fans! 

That's where you come into the picture. This is a big deal for me (see above). And I really want you to be there to engage in the revelry and immerse yourself in the sound. Also I want you to meet new friends, because I will successfully gather everyone I love into one room! But you've got to help me out by heading over to this website and procuring yourself a ticket for you and your closest friends. Or just you! Or you and your biggest crush, because this is going to be a magical night and would make for an unforgettable first date. Tickets are only $8. That's one good beer or a couple cappuccinos and, as much as I like those things, live music is way more delicious!  So head on over. Make a date. Put it in your calendar with gold stars all around it: November 14th, 8pm, Artsriot, BEST SHOW EVER.

See you there!

TL; DR: Get your tickets for EP Release Show at Artsriot, November 14th, 8pm

* While I recommend writing music whenever it comes to you, I do NOT recommend listening to Voice Memos that you've recorded in the middle of the night, unless you aren't frightened by the creepy child/frog/demon voice that comes out of you when you're prone and half asleep. 

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