Well Hello

Parsons has a warm spirit. Even though her tunes touch on hardships and dark times, they impart a sense of hope that’s lately in short supply.
— Jordan Adams, Seven Days

A Vermont native, Reid Parsons has been spinning tales of triumph and tragedy through her soul-soaked Americana tunes. Performing alongside the likes of Cedric Burnside, Dexter Allen, and The Peterson Brothers in recent years, Parsons has rooted herself firmly in the blues tradition while exploring her folk singer-songwriter side. With her finger-picking style and mellifluous alto vocals, Parsons brings raw emotion onto the stage, taking listeners along for the ride every single time.


  • Reid Parsons: Vox & Acoustic Guitar

  • Steve Simollardes: Electric Guitar

  • Luke Fox: Bass

  • Trevor Michalek: Drums

Parsons grew up in the Mad River Valley with strong influences of folk, blues, and jazz music. Her deft songwriting landed her the top spot at the 2017 Advance Music Singer/Songwriter competition, providing her the opportunity to record a 5 song EP at Meadowlark Studios in Williston, VT. Released in November 2018, her self-titled debut EP features local standout musicians: drummer Russ Lawton (of the Trey Anastasio Trio and Soule Monde), pedal steel player Brett Lanier (The Barr Brothers), and Emily Taubl (Vermont Philharmonic), alongside guitarist Steve Simollardes and bassist Josh Simon.


Reid Parsons at ArtsRiot, 2018